ZRT Fasting Insulin

ZRT Fasting Insulin

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This simple at home blood spot test measures a Fasting Insulin Level.

Elevated fasting insulin precedes metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and type 2 diabetes. Increased levels can lead to obesity and increased inflammatory and other cardiovascular disease markers.

High fasting insulin levels are a good indicator of insulin resistance.  Chronically high insulin levels are seen as the body attempts to normalize blood sugar levels. 

High fasting insulin could contribute to hypoglycemic episodes, which also contribute to low energy, and anxiety.

Modify Your Fasting Insulin Status in 3 Easy Steps

1. Measure

A simple finger prick blood sample is all that’s needed. Mail in the sample - it’s that easy.

2. Modify 

Once you get your results back, it can be optimized with simple dietary changes. 

3. Monitor

Retest every 4 months to ensure your levels are optimal. 

**Not available for New York State Residents **

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